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20 year old vegan from Australia.

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Another sky photo from yesterday.


what do you mean you’re “not a dog person”? are you feeling okay? do you need to lie down?

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Cool story,

The other day whilst buying some toothpaste at the shops me and my mum were stopped by a guy working for Greenpeace. He started his little speech about the environment and how it is being destroyed, then stopped and said “You care about the environment, right?” And so my mum responded and said “Of course, do you?” He looked a bit confused so we asked him if he ate animal products. His response “No…well yeah, I guess yes, why?” And so of course he got a lesson about veganism (we were talking for a good 40 minutes). We didn’t sugar coat the truth, we gave him the cold hard facts and told him that he is being a bit of a hypocrite. He then looked at us, shocked and said “You’ve just turned me vegan”. He then got out his phone so we could give him more info and also recipe ideas.

It’s refreshing knowing that there are some people out there who won’t chuck a tantrum, make excuses or be in denial when told about veganism and the impact their choices are really having.

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Dear Tumblr user ‘olivesbuttshakes’,

Please do not EVER submit anything like that to me ever again. It’s disgusting and I don’t want to see any disturbing shit like that.

I really hope you don’t submit material like that to other people. But going by the fact that you just randomly sent me that submission, you probably do it all the time.

Stay off my blog forever please.

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Your extensions look like shit.


Awkward…I don’t have extensions…

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being vegan is cool except for when people who don’t know anything about it suddenly become nutrition experts and moral philosophers and get all up in your ass

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